At Luxor Cinema we have a wide range of services designed to cover all types of needs and wants. Whatever ideas you may have for home multimedia entertainment, we can do it, remaining loyal to the commitment given to our clients. A commitment that comes from our passion for what we do and our desire to be a little bit better each day, striving for excellence in our image and audio systems.
If you can imagine it, Luxor Cinema can create it.


Take your installation to the next level

From Luxor Cinema we offer the optimization and calibration of existing installations.
Even if you installed your installation before you met us, we offer you to “rediscover” the acoustics and image quality of your room by updating it.

Do not hesitate and contact us.


The latest in immersive technology

At Luxor Cinema we have the most advanced technology to create immersive visual spaces and interactive experiences offering solutions for multiple sectors without the need for VR glasses.

We offer the possibility of offering our clients a personalized, innovative and radical experience, turning it into a unique experience and offering the possibility of having a new vision of something that you may already know.


Comprehensive services in home cinema design and installation

Cinema comes from the union of light, sound and emotion. From this union also comes our objective, an objective which is fed by the obsession we feel at Luxor Cinema to help our clients to experience their passions like never before. With our cinema systems, enjoying emotions takes on a whole new meaning and cinema lovers see how their dreams come true.

If cinema is light and magic, let us be the ones to turn on that light.


The Crown Jewel: Home cinema systems installations with the most advanced and up-to-date image and sound technology with the design of your choosing.

All Kind facilities, projectors and large inch screen, 4K televisions of the latest generation from all the top brands, dream sound systems, decorative and professional lighting, the best in streaming and automation integration.


At Luxor Cinema we believe that there is no project too small and simplicity does not need to be at odds with quality and excellence.

That is why we also install televisions and projection systems quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t matter the size or place, you just tell us where you want them.


Because the area does not need to be limited to indoors only, you can enjoy your passion far beyond the ordinary.

Our projects are integrated into the architecture and natural set up of your home, garden or pool, with the assurance that they will withstand the climate in the area and you will always enjoy top quality image and sound.


The highest acoustic standards for the most demanding

Whether you are a true music lover or whether you would like to take your music system to the next level, Luxor Cinema has something for you, and we also offer you our experience and know-how when it comes to sitting and enjoying your biggest passion. Let yourself be swept away by the wide range of sensations that only music can make us feel, and surround yourself with the best of the best in sound technology.

No doubt about it, listening to music at home can be an even more moving experience.


Starting with an in-depth audiometric and acoustic study of the spaces in which to implement the sound, and only working with the best brands and top professionals, the musical systems from Luxor Cinema are any music lover’s dream.

Choosing one of our sound systems means choosing to enter a world of new textures and frequencies which are inaudible any other way.


Music for the whole home. Wireless and independent audio systems for each room in your home and perfectly adapted to the design of each space.

A simple, comfortable, automatable system, with fully built-in automated standards, ready to be controlled from your phone or tablet.


Don’t let the walls of your home become a limitation. Make your garden, swimming pool or any other exterior space the ideal place to continue enjoying your favourite music, without compromising on quality.


Advanced control and multimedia intercommunication systems

Technological integration, smart design and energy efficiency. These are the big advantages that automated solutions can bring to our multimedia systems and to your home making your daily interaction with your surroundings easier. Thanks to our advanced automated systems, you can control your home and your entertainment from your smart phone or tablet and forget about endless controls that are currently spread all over the house.

From now own, it call all be controlled from one place.


The most advanced intercommunication and digital control system at the service of our multimedia centers.

Quickly and easily control what is seen and heard in each space at any time, or automate all devices depending on your needs.

With our Smart Media services, you can experience the future today.


Automated systems can make our lives even easier beyond just our multimedia entertainment.

Automated systems make it possible to easily control and manage lighting, room temperature and the latest-generation electro domestics. In addition, they can help make your home a much more energy-efficient environment.


For any questions or comments, please, contact us.