American technical company specialized in high quality domestic refrigeration systems with products designed for the refrigeration of audio / video equipments and racks.


Founded in 1966 by John Bowers, the company Bowers & Wilkins was created in South England with the aim of achieving excellence in the production of acoustic boxes which reproduce original recordings with the highest precision and fidelity possible. Starting off as a small business in which Bowers himself hand built the systems, B&W ended up becoming the world leader in high fidelity sound thanks to the fact, among other things, that from the outset it was clear the path to perfection was to reinvest the profits in research and development.


It was in the North of Italy– in Pordenone, in 1995, when the company Sim2 commenced its activity, a company specialising in the manufacturing of top quality high performance projectors and screens. Whether to create a home cinema system or to equip our company with the latest technology from the industry, Sim2 products ensure maximum productivity and an exceptional image thanks to its wide offer of options.

Sim2 is the ideal tool for your work…and entertainment.


With five successful decades behind it, Rotel has been one of the companies dedicating most effort to research and development in top of the range home surround sound systems. Its innovations in engineering and dedication to top features have made Rotel a worldwide leader for industry experts and professionals as well as users and end customers.


Ad Notam is a German manufacturer specialising in in-built screens for glass or mirrors which throughout history has won countless awards thanks to the quality, innovation and design of its products.

Under the name MIRROR IMAGE, Ad Notam offers a top quality product wholly manufactured in Germany and calibrated specifically for each client and project, thereby ensuring the best colour levels, contrast and resolution.


Born under the warm Tuscany sun, this Italian company seeks to combine technology and nature with its daring and modern designs, inspired by the thought-provoking landscapes of the north east of the Italian peninsula. Built by hand, the creations of Architettura Sonora are modelled with the most-symbolic materials of the Tuscan surroundings, as they may just be the purest and most delicate ceramics or opulent and tough white marble.


With excellent quality and a well-thought-out design, Sonos offers consumers a wide range of products to be able to enjoy music under the best conditions and in any corner of your home, thanks to its advanced wireless and automated control systems.

Thanks to the applications for mobile devices that Sonos makes available to its users, the task of managing the installation of audio is the simplest, providing the opportunity to have different equipment in different rooms without this resulting in a loss of ease-of-use or features.


With an elegant and timeless design, the Loewe televisions also hide top quality electronics and are positioned at the top of the market for top-of-the range home goods. Founded in Berlin in 1923, the company Loewe began its venture with the aim of achieving perfect entertainment in our homes thanks to its innovation and good taste. Currently it manufactures some of the most sought after and awarded televisions in the world.


Another name inherent to the Japanese technology market with a large product offering from which its home Hi-Fi and cinema products attract followers from all over the globe. Innovation, quality and performance are just some of the words with which we can describe the manufacturer that came about in 1938 under the name of Fukuin Shokai Denki Seisakusho.


Founded in France in 2001, Screen Research was created with the sole objective of offering its users the most advanced technology for digital entertainment at home with its projection screens. Each one of its members feels true passion for what they do and seeks the perfect balance between image and sound to obtain the best experience possible in home cinema.


Based in Hertfordshire, 50 kilometres North of London, Future Automation is positioned as one of the leaders in the market of motorized structures and supports for televisions and projectors. A true specialist in its field, this British company has spent years meeting the needs and wants of its clients even in the most strenuous circumstances and reaching places others were unable to achieve.


In 1977 they embarked upon a mission. Their goal was simple: to put the listener at the heart of every recorded performance. Since then they have been continually pushing the boundaries of sound. Redefining the possible at every step of the way.

Almost forty years later and their journey continues.


Over the years, many famous musicians, recording artists and producers have selected McIntosh audio systems for their sound quality. The loyalty from the music community began in the 1960s era of rock and roll.

At McIntosh, they care about the satisfaction they bring and the product experience of all their customers.


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