In our commitment to innovation and the development of new products to bring the excellence of cinema and music to all our clients, we started a new collaboration with Amate Audio, a company with more than 50 years of experience in Professional Audio at an international level. and with presence in more than 50 countries.

After so many years in the sector at a professional level, AMATE AUDIO and LUXOR CINEMA begin a close collaboration to introduce their products to the domestic market.


In Luxor Cinema we are specialized in cinema and home audio systems installations and in shaping your wants and needs, always focusing on top quality, excellence and exclusivity. To achieve this, we combine the most modern and reputable technologies with the experience of our experts, to bring the magic of cinema and music to your home as never before seen or heard.

In other words, pure emotion.


In Luxor Cinema we believe that a brand is much more than a popular logotype. There are many years of hard work behind a prestigious brand and its positioning is gained as a result of the satisfaction of those who place their trust in it.

Brands are quality, assurance and trust, and at Luxor Cinema we only work with the best.


The Showroom of Luxor Cinema is the perfect place to see first-hand what we are capable of doing for home multimedia entertainment. A type of oasis designed and brought to reality through the most modern and advanced technology regarding image, sound and automation.

Come and see for yourself: you would discover the perfect mix of design and technology with the exclusive seal of approval of Luxor Cinema.


It is said that in life you are only as good at your work as the people you work with, and in Luxor Cinema we only work with the best. Reliable professionals with an excellent experience and highly qualified to adapt to any situation and to offer practical and creative solutions when needed.

Don’t doubt it, choosing Luxor Cinema is choosing a top-level equipment, whichever way you look at it.


Because we know that your passions go further than land, in Luxor Cinema we have brought Yacht to life, a division that will make sure that you are able to enjoy the latest in image, sound and home automation technology also in the high seas.

We do what we know how to do best so that you don’t miss anything when you are out sailing.

Nreal Glasses

At Luxor Cinema we want to offer our clients a new way of seeing things, which is why we have started a new adventure in the field of augmented reality, with which it is possible to take advantage of and enjoy the many advances of 3D environments both at work as in leisure.

Augment your reality with Nreal and Luxor Cinema.


It was back in 2013 when Luxor Cinema’s adventure began. Since then, many have trusted us to help them enjoy their biggest passion or to satisfy their company’s multimedia necessities.

Whether it may be a big multinational or a private customer, Luxor Cinema’s dedication is obvious: there are no small projects; there are no impossible projects.


Our passion for cinema has led us to also undertake, within our Luxor Cinema project, the adventure of audiovisual production. A new challenge that we started with the same enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism that characterizes us.

Because there is no better way for us than to offer our clients the magic of cinema and, in addition, to produce our own films.


Because at Luxor Cinema we value your trust and your satisfaction, we are proud to announce our new online store, the best way to get for your home or company the finest in image and sound technology quickly, easily and with the best advice.

The most exclusive brands, the most competitive prices and the best service. This is the new Luxor Cinema store.



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